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Automotive Franchises

Pretty much everyone these days has a car. Population is on the rise. As well as more people using a vehicle to get to work or ferry children to school. It seems the number of cars on the road will continue to increase. This presents an opportunity for anyone who wishes to consider working in the automotive trade. That doesn't mean you have to train as a mechanic! An automotive franchise presents a wide market for anyone interested in offering services which can be useful for any motorist.

Automotive Franchises at Select Your Franchise

You may not have an interest in cars, however this doesn't mean you couldn't run an automotive franchise. Specialist skills are often not required. In fact, the majority of franchises require you only to follow a proven system.

The range of franchises in this category is quite diverse. Most are 'hands-on' meaning they generally have a manual element to them. Types of franchise that are considered automotive are those such as paint-chip, dent repair or mobile tyre replacements. Car washing or valeting would also fall under this category.

One thing to remember is that you generally don't need specialist training to start one of these franchises as training is usually provided as part of the franchise package.

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