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Childrens Franchises

Childrens franchises can be quite varied. They may include portrait photography, gymnastics, maths and language tuition, singing lessons and much more.

If you are a woman looking to make a career change or returning to work, a childrens franchise might be the right option. As a result they want to build their own business around their family.

Childrens franchise

10 Things to consider when buying a children’s franchise...

  1. Firstly and perhaps most importantly, do you like working with children?

  2. Second, it is vital to speak to your family about starting your own franchise business and make sure that you have their support.

  3. Third, discuss that amount of investment capital you will be prepared to put into starting and developing your children’s franchise. Entry prices can run from £2,000 to £20,000.

  4. Fourth, define your expectations. What sort of hours can you work directly with children, what time can you provide for promotion and admin and what sort of income do you hope to achieve?

  5. Fifth, research options and request further information from the franchise systems of your choosing

  6. Sixth, make a short list and request a visit to the franchise offices you have chosen. It is vital to see the support set up and meet the personalities behind the brand.

  7. Franchisees will be happy to talk to you. Are they happy operating the brand and how has their business has been affected by the recession? The franchisor should provide you with a contact list.

  8. Eighth, get a copy of the legal agreement and take it to a British Franchise Association lawyer for advice.

  9. Ninth, speak to your bank about account set up and finances. Most banks have specialist franchise sections that will help advise your local manager.

  10. Finally, identify which children’s franchise brand is right for you. Don't forget to sign up, get trained and follow the brand’s proven system enthusiastically for best return on your time and investment.

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