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Cleaning Franchises

Cleaning franchises are always a popular choice when choosing a franchise business, not least because there is a consistent demand. Houses and offices constantly need cleaning. Home owners with busy lifestyles often prefer to have their house cleaned while they are out. Businesses almost always contract out their cleaning requirements to a cleaning company.

Cleaning franchises at Select Your Franchise

Generally speaking a cleaning franchise is often a management opportunity. This is typically where you, as a franchisee, recruit a number of cleaners to carry out the actual cleaning services. You might simply manage the customers and assign cleaners to ensure that the required jobs are carried out.

The types of cleaning franchises go down predominantly into two groups:-

Business to Consumer

This is where the cleaning services are provided to a domestic property. As mentioned above, its typically professionals who don’t have time or the will to clean their own property and would therefore rather have someone else come in to do the cleaning duties.

Business to Business

This is supply of cleaning services to business customers. Typically this is office and commercial property cleaning. One advantage of this is that a business customer is likely to require regular and on-going work. Provided the cleaning is done to their satisfaction, they will likely have no reason to switch to another cleaning company. This can provide a solid on-going customer base.

An important advantage of a cleaning franchise is the potential for expansion. Quite simply, as the demand and number of customers increases, you can hire in more cleaning staff to carry out the duties.

Considerations when buying a Cleaning Franchise

If you do consider starting up a cleaning franchise, its important to consider your options carefully and think about some key points:-

  1. Is it something you think you will enjoy doing? Being happy in your job is important.

  2. Consider the costs. Do you have the capital or the ability to raise the capital required to invest. Make sure you know how much the franchise is going to cost, not just the franchise fee but consider setup and initial running c0sts.

  3. Research the franchisors of interest carefully. A franchise business will be a life changing commitment so make sure you know who you are dealing with and what you are getting into.

  4. Make sure you visit the franchisor and also try to get a list of franchisee references to follow up. The franchisees can give valuable feedback on how the franchise works for them.

  5. Get legal advice. Buying a franchise will require signing of a franchise agreement. Make sure you consult a British Franchise Association approved solicitor to make sure you understand it properly.

  6. Many banks have dedicated franchise sections so make an appointment to visit one and talk to them about the franchise you are considering and find out if addition help and finance is available.

Once you have made your choice of cleaning franchise, sign up, get trained and then commit yourself to making the franchise work for you. A franchise is proven system which when replicated well can prove to be an excellent business choice and a good return on your initial investment.