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Distribution Franchises

Thinking of starting up in business, you enjoy driving and meeting people? Then distribution franchises could be a great option. A distribution franchise business typically involves delivery, or distribution, of product orders direct to customers homes or to business premises.

distribution franchises

A distribution franchise usually requires a vehicle in which to deliver the products. The size of vehicle required will usually depend on the size of deliveries and products that the business deals with. Naturally the size of the vehicle must be enough to transport enough stock to avoid unnecessary journeys back to base to restock.

Some distribution franchises can be run from home which may work well if you are, for instance, a parent that needs the flexibility to be at home for certain times of the day. Of course, the type of products you deal with may determine whether its possible to work from home or whether you need a larger space, such as an industrial unit, in order to store stock and have a dedicated office.

Your work location is something to factor into your costs since working from home will obviously carry considerably lower overheads than working from commercial premises.

Researching Distribution Franchises

A good way to start researching a distribution franchise is to begin by looking through some of the online franchise directories. Many of these will have dedicated distribution franchises sections which will help you to narrow down your options. Once you have found a few options that you like its time to submit a contact request and get in touch with them. The franchisor will usually give you a call which is a good opportunity to find out about what they have to offer and also to request their information pack.

You will need to arrange a visit to any franchisors that you are seriously considering. Also get a list of some existing franchisees that you could talk to as references. Take time to speak to the references to find out how the franchise business works for them.

If you need additional finance to start up the franchise then speak to one of the high street banks. Most of these have dedicated franchise sections which deal solely with funding franchise startups.

Further franchise resources

Another helpful resource to get help from during your research process is the British Franchise Association. They exist to promote ethical franchising in the UK. In addition you will also require a franchise legal advisor. They will help you with the legal implications of becoming a franchisee. There are also franchise consultants who can help you through the whole process. This may be helpful if the prospect of starting up a franchise seems too daunting.