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Domiciliary Franchises

.Domiciliary franchises provide residential care for those unable to cope with living on their own any longer. This is typically the elderly but may also apply to younger people with disabilities that prevent them from being able to live out their day to day lives without a high level of assistance.

domiciliary franchise

The majority of franchise opportunities that exist in this market cater mainly for the elderly so if you enjoy working with elderly people this type of franchise business presents a great opportunity to do something really worthwhile for the older population while building up your own business.

The UK has a steadily growing elderly population, in fact UK population of over 85’s has doubled in the last 25 years and is predicted to double again in the next 25 making it the fastest growing age group. With this in mind, a domiciliary care franchise has great potential.

Where to start?

If you think that a domiciliary care franchise might be right for you then the easiest place to start is by researching some possibilities online. There are a good number of franchise directory sites where you can begin your search. While searching bear in mind what you can afford to invest and where you would prefer to trade. You might also want to visit one of the franchise exhibitions to meet the franchisors face to face or pick up one of the franchise publications for further reading.

Once you have got a list of the franchises that interest you the most, contact the franchisors and arrange a visit to their offices. This can be a great opportunity to see how they operate and ask any questions you might have.

Another important task is to get a list of franchisees from the franchisor as references. Once you have your list, set aside some time to call the franchisees. Make sure to ask them how the franchise is working for them. This should give some very good insight into how the franchise operates ‘on the ground’.

Consult your bank to find out what finance you have available to you. Many high street banks now have dedicated franchise sections. They help those who are needing finance to start up a franchise.

In Conclusion

Once you have made your choice, commit yourself to following the proven franchise system for the best chance of success. A franchise business is not guaranteed. However by making a carefully considered choice and working hard, you will maximise your chance of success.