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  1. What is a franchise anyway?

  2. What are the benefits of a franchise?

  3. How do I know if a franchise business is right for me?

  4. Ways to research franchise opportunities

  5. Choosing the franchise options that suit you

  6. Considering finance for your franchise opportunity

  7. Further research on your chosen franchise opportunities

  8. Taking advantage of available franchise resources

  9. Get ready to lift off with your new franchise

  10. Running a successful franchise business

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Whether you prefer one or a combination of methods to research your franchise remember that it’s important to look
at opportunities which are attractive to you not just in terms of potential earnings. Ultimately you will want it to support yourself and/or family, but bear in mind that you are taking on a long term commitment. You will be working with the franchisor for many years to come so it’s important that you can get along well with them and the head office staff. Also, it’s important to choose something you can actually enjoy doing as this will help to maintain your enthusiasm.

(Excerpt from 'How To Select Your Franchise' ebook)