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Home Based Franchises

Working from home is increasing in popularity and its not surprising to see why. If your employer is prepared to let you work from home, then the flexibility of fitting around domestic responsibilities can be an advantage. Being self employed means reduced overheads by working from a home based office. Having reduced overheads can obviously be a real cost saving. Introducing the home based franchise business!

The most common routes to working from home are either to work for an employer who is prepared to let you work from home. Or starting up a business of your own which can be home based.

Home based franchises at Select Your Franchise

Are you considering making a move to working from home? Then becoming self-employed is one of the more widely considered options. By choosing a franchise business you can further increase the likelihood of success.  Statistics* show that 9 out of 10 franchise businesses trade profitably. Of course there is no guarantee of success with any business. However franchising has a proven track record in the UK. Franchising provides a route for many people to run a profitable business for themselves.

Is working from home for me?

You do need to consider if working from home is actually the best option for you. Although it seems like the ideal life choice, its not for everyone. To productively work from home you need to have qualities such as:-

  • The ability to be highly focused and motivated

  • A high level of discipline

  • An understanding family that will support you and respect your working time and space

  • A drive to work hard

If you are easily distracted or find motivation difficult when you in your own home then working from home could prove challenging for you. In these situations you are probably more suited to working from another location as some people find the physical act of ‘going to work’ is necessary to put them into work mode.

If you do believe that working from home maybe the right choice for you, and you like the idea of running a proven business system with the support and training that is offered, you can begin by researching a range of home based franchises from our franchise directory.

Remember that whether you opt to start a franchise business or a non-franchised business, hard work and dedication will be important to the success of your venture.

* Figures from the UK BFA / NatWest 2012 Annual Franchise Survey