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Internet Franchises

The rise of the Internet age has brought about a great opportunity for businesses which are focused on the Internet and Web as their source of customers and income.

Reports carried out in mid 2009, report that over 48 million people in the UK were using the Internet. This is a staggering 79.8% of the UK population. With a huge audience, its no surprise that Internet business opportunities of all kinds, including franchises, are springing up everywhere.

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The advantage of choosing an internet franchise is that you are buying into a proven concept. The main benefit of a franchise system is that the franchisor should have successfully piloted their idea. Therefore proven its potential as a viable business proposition. The method and formula which makes the business work can then documented and replicated by another who buys into the franchise opportunity.

It’s easy to see why the franchise model has quickly become popular in the UK. For the franchisor, it provides a great way to expand their network, their income potential and increase their brand awareness. For a potential franchisee, it’s a ready-packaged, proven business formula to follow along with training and backup support.

Different Internet Franchises for example:

  • Local community/services website promoting local businesses

  • Web design businesses

  • Web Consultancy

Other advantages of choosing an Internet franchise business would be:-

  • Most can be run from the comfort of your own home

  • No physical products or stock to deal with

  • Low start up costs with many Internet franchises requiring under £10,000 investment

You may not need any previous experience to take on an Internet franchise since training and support are generally provided by the franchisor. Although being able to use a computer and having an interest in the Internet would obviously be an advantage.

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