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Pet Franchises

With so many people owning pets these days there are some great opportunities in providing essential services to help owners look after and maintain their pets. With over £4 billion spent annually in the UK on feeding and looking after their pets, the market is huge. There are a good range of franchise opportunities that exist in this niche.

Pet Food Franchises

All pets need to eat and there exists several franchises that cater in the production and distribution of quality food. These opportunities go a step further than simple off-the-shelf pet food purchases, by often combining premium but affordable products, door-to-door delivery and nutritional and behavioural advice to owners on what best to feed their pet.

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Pet Sitting Franchises

A pet sitting franchise is an alternative to the traditional ‘kennels’ as a way to have a pet cared for whilst on holiday or away from home. These usually involve your pet being able to stay in the familiar and comfortable surroundings of their own home but to have a carer visit every day to feed your pet and provide any other care they might need such as walking for dogs.

Investing in a Pet Franchise

Before looking in detail at the range of pet franchises, its best to research the finance you have available. The franchise sections of the major high street banks can help with this and they can also be a good source of information on any franchise that you might be considering. Take time to look at how much you can afford and, if you have found any franchises of interest, ask them if they have had any dealings with the franchises.

Once you know what you can afford, make an appointment to see the franchisors so that you can check out their operation, support setup and head offices. Its worth remembering that you will be dealing with these people on an ongoing basis so make sure you feel comfortable and at ease with them. Also get a list of their franchisees as references and take some time to chat to them to get some valuable feedback about how the franchise performs for them day-to-day.

Consult a specialist franchise legal advisor to ensure you will have all the bases covered when it comes to signing any franchise contract. You want to be sure that you are fully informed of the legal relationship you might enter into with the franchisor. Once you have made your choice, dedicate yourself to following the proven system and enjoy the benefits and lifestyle of running a part time franchise.