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Release date: 12-Oct-2017

Platinum Business Partners are a flexible online business that provide you with the opportunity to work where you want, when you want and to earn an income that suits you. They have a proven recipe to help you build your own successful and sustainable online retail businesses.

Why an Ecommerce Franchise?
Firstly there is no territory, we are not restricted by territory which means that we can start a business and we can be global. We can start trading immediately and globally from the offset. There is no restriction to our customer base, our base is anyone who shops online.

These days we see all the different bricks and mortar store closures that have escalated to a rate now where there is more closure now than there was in the 2008 financial meltdown. When we look at the spend in the country it is still on an exponential growth trend, so people in the country are still buying and they are buying online.
Now is a great time to get involved with an ecommerce franchise because of the growth patterns and strategies that are happening in the market today.

What is a franchise fee for and what should you expect to get for that?
Every potential franchisee is considering “what am I getting for my money?”, we want to know what value we will get for our money. At Platinum with the set up of the business, our franchise is a 5 year franchise agreement. All we’ve needed to do is plan for where we are right now in the business, but also plan for the next 5 years and making sure that we have development covered.

One of the exciting parts of the business is that no one knows what tomorrow will bring. The strength is in the network, when you pay to join the franchise you are joining a network, this is a network of established businesses that are profitable and experienced.

As a network we all take part in the success of each other. When you are buying into the franchise, you are buying into mentors that have successful businesses and industry experts that will guide you the step by step process. When you speak to partners that have gone through an experience in the business or something unpredictable as happened, that is when you see the value of the network.

It takes away the view from “how much am I paying out?” to “how much am I going to get the benefit of the network?”. At Platinum one of our key sayings is “standing on the shoulders of giants” which is an ethos that we take through every part of the business, particularly when we take on a new partner and they can stand on the experts of the business.

Why is Platinum Business Partners a member of the British Franchise Association (BFA)?
We are proud to be a part of the BFA, we are one of the first ecommerce franchises that they have. There is often a lot of bold statements and claims that are made, we are not a business that is about claims, we are about a proven business model. Associating ourselves with the BFA it brings us to accountability to a self-regulated body, so that we are held accountable in what we say and do.

We are very open and honest with the BFA and the model we put forward to them, open and honest figures. We are serious about the business, we are not a one man band, which is why we call it a partnership. It is a 5 year partnership, we are in business together.

What initial training do Platinum Business Partners provide?
We have a bespoke intranet system called Aspect that we developed, it encompasses everything from video training, documents & downloads, to its own news broadcasting system. When you login to Aspect everything is at your fingertips, with all of our network contacts laid out for you. We have our power team of industry experts who are global members of the business, each of them excel in a specific field that are there ready to help you. Aspect is where everything happens.

We start you off with pre-boot camp training videos, making sure you are in the right frame of mind for what is ahead.

Bootcamp day one is at our head office in Bournemouth, where you meet your mentor face to face as well as six to ten other business partners. This is where we go through the fundamentals of that first stage in the business. Then we get into real practical sessions of how to do things, why and when. This is real hands on experience that prepares you to go straight to work.

We have an open table with everyone discussing where they are in the business, the products that they have found, why they want to go for it, how they are going to compete with other brands and suppliers that they have found. It is real idea sharing, people come to the table with different products, but share the knowledge of best practices and experiences on how to build a good working solid relationship for the future of the business.

The training on day 2 consists of live presentations at head office and working with the mentors. This day focuses on how to set up your listing online and the types images should be used etc. We break down into micro detail the important aspects which sets the partner up to continue the launch of the business and continue the steps going forward. The structure of the training is modular, you can work at your own pace and even work around your day job. You can really build it into your lifestyle, you can go full in or go part time and shape it around your current lifestyle, all at the speed of the partner.

What other ongoing training is available at Platinum Business Partners?
With the experience that we have in the ecommerce business, we find that as a full-time role it can be quite a lonely business. We try to create as many touch points as possible, we have weekly hangouts, where you can mingle with mentors. It allows you to bring any questions and challenges from that week, you can get advice to help any barriers you encounter and you are able to share success. We also have localised buddy groups that put you in touch with other partners in the business in your area, they typically meet up every few weeks and share their experiences.

Whether we have it structured as part of the plan with your mentor, such as planned calls, or whether it’s through the weekly hangouts online and touch points with the buddy groups, these are all key areas of support that we encourage the partners to get involved with. We also have momentum days, where we have key note speakers from all around the world, experts in all areas who attend and share their business experiences. These days are very educational, as well as a great place to be encouraged and increase your hunger for the business going forward.

How effective is the network and how do you measure it?
Success is something that is always promoted and always shared, the reality of any business is the challenges. What we love to hear, and promote is how partners have been able to overcome challenges, where they are today and the challenges they have faced. We take the bull by the horns and say it how it is. When launching products, there is some expectations regarding failure, it brings a realistic view to the business. We want to bring out as many products as we can, some of them will be very successful and some of them won’t be and that’s the realistic take on the business. We can see the journey that the partners go through, some have a phenomenal start, some might get pulled up by a hiccup. It’s about how they overcame that obstacle.

We have a closed Facebook group that only our network can access, where people post real successes and encouraging words. It is a privilege to be a part of the partners journey from boot camp to running a successful business. We understand the challenges that we face from ecommerce giants like Amazon, but we deal with those things together. It’s more than the success of the price point we want to share the network that we can offer you.

Does the business belong to you?
Yes the business belongs to you, from the day you sign up to the day your 5 year agreement ends. You are the business owner, you have the final say on any everyday decision you make with your business. we are here to be the franchise, to support our partners in every decision they make. We have the blueprint that we put forward and we can strongly advise on certain business decisions, but ultimately it is their business and that doesn’t change.

What options are there at the end of the 5 year agreement?
There are two options when the partnership comes to an end, it’s your business and you can make any decision you want to make with it. You can sell the business, we have already had people within the 5 year term sell the business and then start another one. At the end of the term you have a choice to continue on your own or you can resign up and continue the partnership. The door is always open for the network to be expanded

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