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Financing a franchise

Tuesday 26th June 2018

Financing a franchise? What options are available to you and how do you go about deciding which franchises you can afford?

Financing a franchise? What are your finance and investment options? Find out more about the franchise finance options available here!

You have seen a franchise business that really excites you, but have you got enough capital to invest? This is a dilemma when choosing a franchise. In fact, how do you decide what franchises you can afford and which you can't? Naturally you would not want to waste time considering a franchise that really appeals to you to then find out you can't actually afford to invest into it due to lack of investment capital.

You might think that this would limit your options however there are options for borrowing that you can consider. Many banks look favourably on franchise business start-ups due to their high success rate when compared to regularly self-employment. This means they will often lend up to 70% of the investment capital needed to get your franchise up and running.

Lets say then that you have £10K in the bank that you are considering investing. This means a bank may well lend you up to, or in the region of a further £30K to start your franchise business.

In addition, there are other schemes and organisations available that specialise in helping to source or provide finance or investment capital to prospective franchisees.

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