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Is passion important when choosing a franchise to invest in?

Thursday 12th July 2018

So is passion important when choosing a franchise to invest in? Should you choose a franchise based on what you are passionate about? The simple answer to these questions is yes!

Investing in a franchise is a big commitment. You will be putting in a lot of your hard earned money. So you want to choose a franchise opportunity that you can get excited about.

Choosing a franchise based on your passions, means you will enjoy what you do and get fulfillment from your job. Also franchisors look for potential franchisees that are as passionate about the business as they are.

Lisa Stead is the Head of Platinum Property Partners. She started with them for a six month contract and has now been working for them for seven and a half years. Lisa loved the passion and ethos of Platinum Property Partners that made her stay. Listen to her answer for the question 'Is passion important when choosing a franchise to invest in?' in the video below.

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