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Joining a franchise or going alone in business?

Thursday 12th July 2018

Are you considering your next career move? Not sure whether joining a franchise or going alone in business is the right option for you?

Joining a franchise or going alone in business? Two different ways of owning your own business. Read this article that explains the difference.

So what is the difference between joining a franchise and going alone in business?

When you join a franchise you are joining a network of franchisees. Through the network and franchisor you will receive continual support. You are provided with a proven business model and the ability to own your own business.

If you choose to go it alone, you will not be tied into a contract or have to follow a business model. However you won't have a support network like in a franchise.

Joining a franchise allows you to have your own business. In contrast you have to be happy to follow their business model. Going it alone in business allows you more freedom, although you are more likely to make mistakes.

So joining a franchise or going alone in business? It depends on how you like to work.

Steve Bolton the Chairman and Founder of Platinum Property Partners has experienced success as well as business failure. He outlines the advantages of joining a franchise network rather than going it alone in business in the video below.

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