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Alan & Julie Parry franchisee testimonial for Oscar


Julie and Alan Parry are over the moon with their OSCAR business, and with a product that has given them the chance to prove that OSCAR mean what they say.

Alan began by saying, “Our decision to elope was the happiest day in sealing our future together, but in the case of one thing leading to another, OSCAR has been the icing on the cake in helping us to become business partners too.

“From many different walks of life in my career - the army, the police force - I went on to spend a number of years working around Europe combining a variety of skills. But there's nothing like being back home and working from home! Timing was perfect as Julie had encouraged me to consider self-employment to ease the pressure of a very demanding and unhappy job.

“Lots of soul searching via the internet led us to the BFA and ultimately to OSCAR, and an organisation that had an instant attraction. We love pets,” says Alan, “but it was very important to keep our feet on the ground. Clearly there were no stones unturned and we were able to understand the opportunity from every point of view. Credibility, from further investigation, ticked all the right boxes for us to proceed to the next stage; each step was very straightforward, thanks to a brilliant team at Head Office. Support and advice is always available, something that any new business needs to make progress, and with a product that lives up to its reputation, education is important.

“We liked the honest approach from OSCAR and it has inspired us to carry this through to our customers. Technology is a tremendous asset but we enjoy the face to face customer contact because, as with our introduction to OSCAR, direct communication really puts that face to our personal service.

“To cater for customer demand, Julie joined the business within two months of setting up. Her background in IT and people skills is a great addition and it's an ideal situation for us to work in harmony, with respect for each other's ability. And now we are seen at shows, schools, churches, local markets, craft fairs and dog clubs We are also in touch with local publications and use their blogging facilities to keep our name out there, albeit that we bought into an OSCAR resale business with a very good reputation in the area.”

Both Alan and Julie confirmed, “We have found our niche, reaping the rewards of what we put into our business and, in some cases, seeing improvements by simply changing food for pets in need. Our highly nutritious food achieved success for an overweight cat, and the Lurcher with a long list of bad conditions improved on a gluten free diet. For this reason we are very keen to get started on the unique OSCAR opportunity to gain a highly respected Ofqual qualification in nutrition, and give our pet customers so much more support.

“Being part of a network has helped enormously; we've found meeting fellow franchisees very inspiring and good for morale. All part of the fun, and with the newest addition to the family Rasco, the Cockerpoo, who is learning fast and giving Lu, our cat, a constant runaround, the flexibility in operating our OSCAR business allows planned time for customers and more time for hobbies, like taking to the road on our Harley Davidson.”

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