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White Collar Franchises

If you have a background in middle management type positions, then a white collar franchise might well suit you. These are typically home or office based and often business to business. A white collar franchise can take many different forms but often involves consultancy, coaching or professional type work, and relating to managers or directors of the companies that are your customers.

Some of the white collar type franchises include:-

Cost Reduction Franchises

This is a popular white collar option which involves analysing your customers service expenses and offering substantial savings from a portfolio of options. The advantages of this type of franchise is that usually there is no direct cost to the customer which makes it easy to sell. As a franchisee, you make money most commonly from a percentage of the savings provided to the customer.

Coaching and Training Franchises

These franchises provide management training and/or coaching services to enable your customer to take their business forward. Many companies can benefit from using an outside consultant who can give a different perspective and objective view on their business operations and management systems.

Management Franchises

These franchises can be anything from retail to business-to-business and usually involve staffing. They may also require premises such as retail or commercial office space in which to operate. A typical setup of a management franchise would be where you manage a team that provides the services or deliverables for the business.

These are just a few examples of white collar franchises available. Whichever franchise you choose, it pays to do your background work thoroughly. You can find plenty of opportunities available via franchise exhibitions, looking through franchise magazines or browsing franchise websites online.

Narrow down your options and arrange to meet a few of the franchisors you are interested in. This gives you a chance to check out their operation and meet the people behind the franchise business. make sure you also get list of their franchisees so that you can contact them. The franchisees are the ones already doing running the franchise business that you are considering so they are a very valuable source of information and opinion on how the franchise operates.

Unless you already have your own finance available to invest, you will most likely want to look at funding options. Contact the franchise sections of some of the high street banks so that you can talk to them about financing for your franchise purchase.

Whichever option you go for, remember that a franchise is a business investment. To receive a return you will need to be dedicated and committed to work hard. Only then will you achieve success.